Consultancy Services For The Review Of SADC-GMI Sub-Grant Manual



Contract No: ZA-SADC-GMI-148828-CS-CQS

1. Background

The SADC Secretariat, through the Directorate of Infrastructure and Services – Water Division, in Gaborone, Botswana received a grant through the World Bank to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States project.
The Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) is a regional centre of excellence on groundwater management. It is hosted by the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa on behalf of, and under the strategic guidance of the SADC Secretariat, Directorate of Infrastructure – Water Division, in Gaborone, Botswana.
The SADC-GMI is established as a not-for-profit company under South African law and it is the implementing agency of the Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States project funded by the World Bank (through the support of the Global Environment Facility and the Cooperation in International Waters in Africa trust fund) for the period ending 31 December 2020. This project comprises four main components, with each component comprising a number of sub-components, namely:

Component A: Operationalising the SADC-GMI;

Component B: Enhancing institutional capacity of governments in SADC Member States and transboundary organisations;

Component C: Improving availability of and access to knowledge, scientific research and data on groundwater; and

Component D: Promoting infrastructure solutions for sustainable groundwater management.

Under sub-components A3 (Support for national focal groups), D1 (Infrastructure for improved groundwater utilisation, management and protection) and D2 Impact evaluation and learning from groundwater infrastructure investments. A sub-grants facility was made available to Member States. In order to facilitate the implementation of the sub-grants scheme, the sub-grants manual was developed in 2017 with the intention to provide processes and procedures for accessing, implementing, managing and reporting on the Sub-grant facility. The sub-grants manual specifies the quantum of projects that will be funded under the sub-grant scheme, eligibility, desired characteristics of such projects, application procedures and adjudication criteria.

The sub-grants manual developed in 2017 has been used to implement the sub-grants scheme to date, through experiences encountered in implementing the sub-grants manual the SADC- GMI wishes to review the current manual to improve the ease of implementing these projects for both the sub-grantees and the SADC-GMI.
These terms of reference are therefore meant to procure an Individual consultant to review the current sub-grants manual and develop a revised Sub-grants manual.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is to review and revise the current the Sub-grant manual. The revised sub-grants manual is meant to provide a framework to strengthen the capacities and accountability of sub-grantees, enhance the quality of services, and create a sustainable and efficient grant management process.

3. Tasks

In order to achieve the objectives of this assignment, the appointed consultant will be required to design the review process and development of the revised sub-grant manual. The tasks to be carried out by the consultant will include, but will not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Review the requirements of the Project Implementation Manual relating to the sub-grant scheme (to be provided on appointment);
  • Review the current SADC-GMI sub-grant manual.
  • Review other practical and relevant sub-grant manuals used in the region and other best practices for similar projects;
  • Decide on the appropriate approach and content of the revised sub-grant manual in consultation with the client and Members States.
  • Conduct virtual interviews with relevant staff and stakeholders where required;(refer to stakeholders who have used the current manual to solicit their opinion)
  • Develop a revised sub-grant manual for the current project;
  • Present the revised sub-grant manual to the SADC-GMI staff, and the Project Steering Committee at a venue to be decided in consultation with the SADC-GMI
  • Revise the sub-grant manual based on feedback received within two weeks of the submission of the final draft manual.

4. Key Outputs

The Consultant shall produce deliverables in both hard and soft copy. The soft copies of the reports must be in Microsoft Word and /or Excel.

The key outputs and deliverables shall include the following:

  1. Kick-off meeting within one week of commencement of contract
  2. Inception Report within three weeks after commencing assignment
  3. Complete consultations with the Member States and key stakeholders within 6 weeks of commencing the assignment.
  4. Submission for review by the SADC-GMI of a first draft of the Sub-grant manual within 8 weeks of commencing the assignment.
  5. Presentation of the revised sub-grants manual to the SADC-GMI steering committee within 12 weeks of commencing the assignment (note the final date for presentation to the SADC-GMI steering committee, will depend on the date of the scheduled steering committee meeting) Final submission of the Sub-grant Manual within 15 weeks after commencement of the assignment.

5. Eligibility

This assignment is targeting an individual Consultant with qualifications and experience as specified in the following section.

6. Individual Consultant’s Qualifications and Experience

6.1 Key Expert –Social Scientist/Project Management Expert (75 Man-days)

The successful Consultant will be expected to have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A formal university degree in the Social Sciences with focus on Organizational development or any other relevant discipline;
  2. Master’s degree in social sciences will be an added advantage.
  3. Proven and substantial experience in designing and developing the sub-grant manuals or any other manuals or materials of similar kind to finalized status;
  4. At least ten years’ experience in the field of advocacy, policy, preferably in Regional context
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of managing donor funded sub-grants projects.
  6. Previous working knowledge and experience in the water sector, particularly in the groundwater sector in the SADC region is a distinct advantage
  7. Professional written and spoken English Language proficiency is mandatory
  8.  Ability to work in the other SADC languages (Portuguese and French) is desirable.

7. Schedule and Duration of the Assignment

This is a once-off assignment without any obligation for follow-up work and it is intended to be implemented over an estimated period of 5 months from commencement of contract. The estimated aggregate level of effort up to 75 person-days between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 is for one key expert only. The proposed deployment of the level of effort for the Consultant is as is shown in Table 1 below:

8. Liaison and Logistics

On a day-to-day basis, the consultant will liaise with the SADC-GMI through the Procurement and Grants Specialist with ultimate accountability resting with the Executive Director of the SADC-GMI. Logistics pertaining to international air and road travel and cross-border travel are the responsibility of the consultant. However, if required, the SADC-GMI can arrange necessary letters of support to facilitate the authorities issuing access to the Member States.

The Consultant will be responsible for the costs of lodging, car hire, visas and necessary cross border charges as required. These should therefore be included in the Consultant’s technical and financial proposal.

Note: If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks after closing date, kindly consider your application unsuccessful on this occasion.


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