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Be part of the Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI), a recognized Centre of Excellence in groundwater management initiatives in the SADC Region. If you want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might like our environment. As a Subsidiary to SADC Secretariat, SADC-GMI provides its staff with access to regional exposure and invaluable experience for career growth and development. SADC-GMI is committed to nature talents and provide an enabling environment for their staff members to thrive in their respective specialties. SADC-GMI believes and endeavors to promote inclusive environment that does not discriminate.

To find out more about our opportunities, please keep checking this page for available positions. “Be one of us and make the difference in the Sustainable Groundwater Management in the SADC Region”.


Assessment of Groundwater Resources Development Priority Intervention Areas in the SADC Region
Contract no: ZA-SADC-GMI-126014-CS-QCBS
Issuance date: 23/08/2019
Consultancy For The Development Of A Training Manual On Preparation Of Proposals To Access Funding For Groundwater Related Infrastructure Projects
Contract no: ZA-SADC-GMI-126022-CS-CQS
Issuance date: 30/08/2019
Consultancy For Water Resources Management Research In The Eastern Kalahari-Karoo Basin Transboundary Aquifer
Contract no: ZA-SADC-GMI-114839-CS-CQS
Issuance date: 15/08/2019
Consultancy services to develop operations and maintenance training Manual for groundwater infrastructure
Contract no: ZA-SADC-GMI-126026-CS-CQS
Issuance date: 30/08/2019

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