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The School Implementation to Transform Lives

Mr Sauramba Handing over the Borehole key to the school Deputy Principal, Mr Charles Busack


Nzame Primary School’s need for a borehole was identified by Gr. Modreck Gomo of the IGS through the IGS’ collaboration with the Central University of technology (CUT) also in Bloemfontein. “Besides providing water, the borehole will also serve as a learning environment for Geotechnical Engineers and other groundwater Professionals,” emphasized Jeeva Munsamy, Deputy Director for Community Engagement from CUT. Ms Munsamy also expressed her gratitude to Dr. Saheed Oke also from CUT and Dr.Gomo for their collaboration culminating in the borehole which she believed the school will operate sustainably.

“We would always be indebted to SADC-GMI for selecting Nzame primary school for the borehole which will definitely transform the school water supply once it is operating. Through this project,the school and the community at large gained tremendous knowledge in terms of understanding and appreciating the value of groundwater, especially in the face of climate change and continuous drought faced by our country”, said Mr Charles Busack, Deputy Principal of the school.

While officially handing ove the borehole to the school,Mr James Sauramba, the SADC-GMI Executive Director emphasised the mandate of SADC-GMI in ensuring better understanding and the sustainable use of groundwater in the SADC region especially nowadays when the impacts of climate change are intensifying and water security is increasingly compromised. He thanked the school for allowing the borehole to be drilled at their premises and for allowing the international group of participants to roam their grounds as part of the regional training. He also expressed appreciation to CUT and Dr. Gomo for facilitating the effective siting of the borehole which ensured that water was actually struck since there is always a possibility not to find water if the background siting work is not properly done. Mr. Sauramba advised the school to seek the necessary clearances from the relevant South African central, provincial and local government authorities before equipping the borehole and utilising the water at the school. He finally expressed his hope that SADC-GMI will continue to engage with Nzame Primary School on this project.

Learners and their teachers chanting songs of jubilation during the handover ceremony

Learners and their teachers chanting songs of jubilation during the handover ceremony